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Museum Exhibits

Connect to local history through our various exhibits. We are constantly adding to and changing our displays as we acquire new objects and research new ideas.

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Traveling Exhibits

Every three months we load up a car with some of our treasures and take to the road. We will travel to the public libraries in Rolfe, Pocahontas and Laurens to set up special displays from September to May. Look below to see what is currently on exhibit.

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Pocahontas Public Library


Promotional products have been popular since the Industrial Revolution. We have collected items that were given away in Pocahontas County through the years.

Public Library


We have so many items in our collection that we haven't displayed, so we chose some  interesting ones for this display. Come see an early electric headlamp,  a crochet fly mask for a horse's head, a portable hair dryer and more.

Public Library

We love stories at the museum and each of these artifacts has a story connected to it. Check out the 100 year-old jar of cherries and a failed pledge  to quit smoking from a local doctor, 

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